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My mom succumb to a lengthy battle with breast cancer in January of 2013. So last March when the annual event to raise money for cancer came around I jumped on it giving the cause nearly $600.00 and my full head of hair.

It’s that time of year again and in homage to my late mother I’m raising money and shaving my head COMPLETELY BALD.So here’s where you come in tumblrverse help me spread the word and reach my $1,000.00 goal. 





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Insults/ To the first boy who broke my heart (A poem)

I would tell you to go fuck yourself 

But sex sounds too awesome to wish upon you 

I could call you an asshole 

But less shit comes out of an asshole 

You my friend are an entirely new breed of


So now I have to invent new insults

Just to accommodate how much

I hate you

I hate you so much I hope

You feel like you need to sneeze for the rest of your life

I hate you so much

I hope you dick gets suck in a zipper

Like that scene in “There’s something about Mary”

I would thoroughly enjoy  it if you were one of

Three people a year who go to jail for pirating music

I hate you so much

I hope you are forced to listen to

the entire musical career of justin bieber 

While being read the Twilight Saga for 72 hours straight

I hope you get a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat forever

I hate you so much I hope you fall in love with a strong woman

One who loves herself more than you

I hate you so much

I hope you know where you stand

Know that she will never stray from her wild heart

I hate you so much I hope you marry her

And think about the way you treated me 



this has to be a fucking joke that you won’t answer me.

i cannot believe how heartless you are. i don’t understand after everything we have been through you can ignore me.

im so sorry that i spent such a long time with someone who cares so little about me. 

and i feel so fucking stupid for even trying to save us when it was so obvious you didn’t give a fuck. 

i just want closure. i want to say goodbye and get my shit

i literally can’t believe you. 

holy shit my exact situation

mine too b-u-n-d-y

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The best kind of love
Is when someone sees
Your potential inner fire and
Wants to ignite you

I’m not mean. I’m a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.” 

Best cosplay I’ve ever seen

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